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Frequently Asked Questions for the PSC

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What does the Public Speaking Center (PSC) do?

    We help UTK students with public speaking/ basic communication skills and assignments from the 210 and 240 courses.

What happens in a session at the PSC? 

   Students will meet with lecturers to work on their public speaking skills via assignments in the 210/240 course.

Do I have to pay for assistance?

   Not at all.

I’m a UTK student not currently in a 210/240 course. Could I still receive assistance from the PSC?


Are you like the writing center at UTK?

    Yes, we are very similar in some ways! We provide help to students inside of 210 (basic public speaking) and 240 (business/professional communication) with their assignments much like the writing center does for students in English classes.

Can I just stop by and get help at anytime?

    No. The PSC requires appointments to be made by students in order to come in and get assistance.

How can I set an appointment?

    Go to our “Schedule an appointment page” and submit a request. 

Who works in the PSC?

    Full time lecturers and faculty who teach the 210 & 240 classes. 

Will you help me get an “A” on my next assignment?

    While we will help you improve your public speaking skills and help you with assignments, we will not guarantee that you can obtain any kind of grade.