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School of Communication Studies Seeks Interns

Skills Required: 
See internship description. There are [3] internship positions available.
Include in Application: 
The position of interest.
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Communication Studies
School of Communication Studies
1345 Circle Park Drive
293 Communications Bldg.
Knoxville, Tn 37996-0324

The School of Communication Studies

Internship Opportunities



The School of Communication Studies is seeking three interns for the Fall 2017 semester.  Three internship positions are available.  Students interning with the School will be enrolled in CMST 492 and receive three hours of academic credit.


Please visit for application materials and information about internships.



Social Media Intern


We seek an intern with strong knowledge and understanding of social media including various social media websites.  The intern selected for this position will be involved in coordinating and assessing our use of social media to reach current students, alumni, and prospective students.


Responsibilities include:


•         Contribute to website redesign project in various ways

•         Monitor and post on blogs, forums, and social networks

•         Online outreach and promotion using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more

•         Website and social media usage metrics


Outreach Intern


We seek an intern with effective writing skills to help produce and disseminate newsletters to current students and alums.  In addition, the person in this internship will be involved in preparing and managing special events for the School.


Responsibilities include:


•         Writing feature stories for the School’s newsletter

•         Interviewing alumni and current students

•         Attendance at School events

•         Taking/arranging for photos at School events


Development and Fundraising


We seek an intern with strong organizational skills to work with the School as we grow our fundraising program.  The person in this position will be involved with several programs (i.e., Volstarter) across campus to assist with fundraising.


Responsibilities include:


•         Assisting with the development of fundraising campaigns

•         Researching businesses/organizations for fundraising potential

•         Representing the School in meetings with alumni

•         Assisting in the development of fundraising data base