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JCAC Internship

Skills Required: 
Must be at least 18 years old Must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program Must pass a background check and reference checks Interns from minority groups and/or bilingual interns are particularly needed and encouraged to apply
Include in Application: 
CMST office has application for all who are interested in position. Or contact Megan Moore.
Internship Type: 
Communication Studies
Megan Moore
100 James Robertson Parkway Suite 114
Nashville, TN 37201

Assist victims of domestic violence navigate through the judicial process; obtain safety and stay safe through the filing of Orders of Protection and Safety Planning; and connect with community resources.

Duties/Responsibilities: Conduct Needs and Danger Assessments on victims who participate in intakes, and refer them to appropriate partner/community agencies for needs such as housing, shelter, food, employment, childcare, high-risk review, warrants, legal advice, counseling, etc.

Create individualized Safety Plans with all victims in JCAC and court

Assist victims in obtaining Orders of Protection

Coordinate with the District Attorneys and Victim Witness coordinators regarding victims in the JCAC

Educate victims and their families regarding the domestic violence, the cycle of violence, and the Power and Control Wheel

Escort victims to and from the JCAC and court

Make follow-up calls to victims who have recently visited JCAC to ensure they're still safe and don't need additional services

Perform administrative duties like answer phones and collect statistical data

Time Commitment: Interns should commit to a minimum of 1 semester and at least 15-20 hours per week