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Communications and Marketing Intern at ESK

Skills Required: 
Need intern for January-March 6-8 hours per week April-May Paid (Covering maternity leave), 20+ hours per week
Include in Application: 
Submit resume and cover letter to Amanda
Internship Type: 
Communication Studies

Job Description

● Create visually appealing social media posts that reflect the values and educational

goals of ESK

● Produce video to promote the school on social media outlets

● Document daily classroom happenings for advertising, yearbook, and social media use

● Implement ESK's marketing plan through

○ Writing weekly blog posts for ESK's blog

○ Writing monthly blog posts for Knoxville Mom's blog

○ Creating print advertisements using InDesign

○ Managing any digital advertising campaigns (WVLT digital marketing, SEO)

○ Following Fletcher's marketing plan for ESK

● Send weekly "This Week at ESK" email

● Create promotional materials for both the Development and Admissions office

● Update website as needed

● Update calendar events on website and Facebook as needed

● Attend sporting and after school events to document for yearbook and social media

● Lead yearbook elective 2x week (guide small yearbook club through the creating ESK's

2018-2019 yearbook)

○ Work on layouts with students

○ Have students write and edit pieces about sports, clubs and events at the school

○ Work on yearbook layout