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Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Summer Program

International Communication

As an undergraduate student, you will receive 6 credit hours (CMST 442 Organizational Communication Processes Dr. Haas and CMST 491 Intercultural Communication Dr. Miller). As a Communication Studies major, these classes will fulfill the requirements of two 400-level electives. Participants will enjoy a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences in communication between the U.S. and Ireland as well as the relationship between culture and communication. Participation in the program is also an excellent resume-builder – both academic and professional.

A $500.00 scholarship is available through the Center for International Education. If interested, please submit your application as soon as possible.

Studying or interning abroad experience for a CCI student means:

  • Understanding the field of communications from an international perspective
  • Expanding your career opportunities
  • Advancing your cross-cultural and problem-solving skills
  • Improving foreign language abilities
  • Fulfilling major, minor and general education requirements
  • Developing a Global Professional Network

Participate in Field Study/Internship and Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Participate in an internship to further immerse yourself in the culture and community of your study abroad program.
  • Check with Career Services about the Intern in Ireland program which is aimed directly at Communication and Information majors.
  • Experiential learning abroad programs can often be structured to fulfill major requirements if you think creatively and plan in advance with a communications advisor.
  • Examples include incorporating your experience into a major project, honors thesis, or independent study course.

Location: Ireland


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More information on studying abroad can be found on the University of Tennessee Study Abroad site.