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CMST Advising

Once a student in the College of Communication and Information has completed the milestones or has met the progression requirement for their major, they are assigned a faculty advisor in their major school.  Prior to meeting a progression requirement or completion of the milestone courses, a student will be advised by their advisor in the College’s Center for Undergraduate Studies and Advising.

Advisors help each student tailor an academic program to fit the student's interests, goals, and abilities within the criteria set by the faculty leading toward completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. Advisors serve as sources of information about university and college policies, procedures and appropriate campus resources. They help each student explore career related goals and seek practical experiences.]

Grades First is part of MyUTK which is a system that advisers & students use to make advising appointments. Also advisers can attach documents under that students name such as petitions, academic plans and notes from their session.