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Turpin, L., Kelly D., & Arguello J. (2016).  To Blend or not to Blend? Perceptual Speed, Visual Memory and Aggregated Search. Proceedings of the 39th Annual ACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR ’16).
Treise, D., Taylor R. E., & Wells L. (1994).  How recovering alcoholics interpret alcoholic-beverage advertising. Health Marketing Quarterly. 12, 125-39.
Treise, D., Taylor R. E., & Wells L. (1992).  A qualitative study of alcoholics in recovery and alcoholic-beverage advertising. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 181.
Treise, D., Weigold M., & Taylor R. E. (2000).  When in Rome...Do as Britain Does: Italian advertising professionals talk about Italian advertising. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 200-06.
Tkach, D., & Hank C. (2014).  Before blogs, there were zines: Berman, Danky, and the political case for zine collecting in North American academic libraries. Serials Review. 40(1), 12-20.
Thornley, C., Watkinson A., Nicholas D., Volentine R., Jamali H. R., Herman E., et al. (2015).  The Role of Trust and Authority in the Citation Behaviour of Researchers. Information Research. 20(3), 17 pages.
Teshnizi, S. Hosseini, Tavassoli-Farahi M., & Tahamtan I. (2014).  A Comparison of Iranian Consumer Health Websites with Similar Websites in Selected Countries Based On E-Health Code of Ethics Standards. International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ICMR) .
Tenopir, C. (1999).  Factors That Influence Database Use. (Thompson, H. A., Ed.).Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association of Research Libraries. 68-75.
Tenopir, C., & Baker G. (2004).  Usage Statistics for Readers, Authors, and Collection Development Stakeholders. Online Usage Statistics: A Publisher's Guide.
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Tenopir, C., & King D. W. (2002).  A Glimpse of the Future Use of Scholarly Journals with Data from the Past and Present. 22nd Annual Charleston Conference. 36-41.
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Tenopir, C. (2003).  E-Journals: What Are You Really Getting?. Australia Online Meeting.
Tenopir, C., & King D. W. (2009).  Academic Library Decision Making and E-Journal Use. (Huotari, M-L., & Lehto A., Ed.).Quo Vadis, Bibliotheca Universitatis.
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Tenopir, C. (2003).  Science Journals and Science Students: Bringing Them Together. The Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series.
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Tenopir, C. (1993).  Information Search Options That Support Access and Utilization. Information Access Conference.
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