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Gross, P. (1990).  Romania's Poor Orphans: Information and Civil Societies in Romania. 4th Annual Colloquia on East/West Communication.
Gross, P. (2003).  Eastern European Media and the Concept of Trans-Integration. Global Fusion Conference.
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Gross, P. (2008).  Dances with Wolves. A meditation on the media and political system in the European Union's Romania. (Jakubowicz, K., & Sukosk M., Ed.).Finding the right place on the map. Central and Eastern European media Change in a Global Perspective. 125-144.
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Gross, P. (2007).  Key note presentation, Romanian Association of Journalism. First meeting of the Romanian Association of Journalism.
Gross, P. (1999).  Giant With Feet of Clay. The Post-Communist Romanian Press (in Romanian). 190.
Gross, P., & Kenny T. (2011).  The Media Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe is Over; Long Live the Transformation. (Coman, M., Ed.).Models of, Models for Journalism and Communication. 11-19.
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Gross, P. (2004).  From Few to Many: The Romani Media in Eastern Europe. Global Fusion Conference.
Gross, P. (1997).  Birth of a New Era: Media and the 1996 General Elections (in Romanian). Secolul XX – XXI. 5, 230-240.
Gross, P. (2009).  EU Enlargements and Its Meaning for Media Evolution in Eastern Europe. Evaluating the Effects of EU Enlargement: Lessons for Southeast Europe Symposium.
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Gross, P. (1995).  Methods of teaching college journalism: Training the trainers. East/Central European journalism school deans and faculty, and panelist at the Central and Eastern European Journalism Educators Conference,..
Gross, P. (2007).  Crossroads or interactions: Reflections on American and European Journalism. (Bohrmann, H., Klaus E., & Machill M., Ed.).Media Industry, Journalism Culture and Communication Policies in Europe. 41-63.
Gross, P. (2001).  The Beginning of a Beginning: Journalism Education in Eastern Europe. The Global Network. 14, 1-4.
Gross, P., Milo K., Niculescu-Maier S., & Yoder S. (1993).  Introduction to Public Relations (in Romanian). 133.
Gross, P. (2006).  Pugilism as Journalism: Romania’s media and the Basescu presidency. The End of Post-communism in Romania? Assessing the Traian Basescu Presidency and Its Dilemmas session at the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies Conference.
Gross, P., Milo K., Niculescu-Maier S., & Yoder S. (1998).  Introduction to Public Relations (in Romanian).
Gross, P., & Kenny T. (2011).  The Torturous Path of the Tajik Media's Evolution. (Freedman, E., Ed.).After the Czars and Commissars: The Press in Central Asia after Independence. 123-142.
Gross, P. (1992).  Media and Public Opinion in the New Romania. International Colloquia on "Media in Transition and Transition of Media.
Gross, P. (2005).  The State of Eastern European Press Freedom. Journalism Studies. 534-37.
Gross, P. (1990).  The Historical Foundations of Freedom of the Press in Eastern Europe: The Case of Romania. International Association for Mass Communication Research Conference.
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Gross, P. (1996).  "Correspondent Report for Rumania," Television in the Olympics Project Archive. Barcelona: Centre d’Estudis Olimpics I de L’Esport, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. (de Moragas Spa, M., Ed.).Television and the Olympics.
Gross, P. (2008).  Back to the (Uncertain) Future. Politics, Business and the Media in Romania. Global Media Journal (Polish Edition). 1 (4), 51-68.
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Gross, P. (2002).  Media and political society in Eastern Europe. Media Development. 4110, 28-32.
Gross, P. (1994).  East/Central European Journalism Education. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual meeting.
Gross, P. (2007).  The internationalization of journalism/mass communication education. Mid-year conference of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication.
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Gross, P., & Spasovska K. (2011).  Aiding Integration and Identity. The Unfulfilled Roles and Functions of the Romani Media in Eastern Europe. (Jakubowicz, K., & Sukosd M., Ed.).Media, Nationalism, and European Identities.
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Gross, P. (1991).  Romania's Mass Media; Abundance in a Land of Shortages (in German). Media Perspektiven. 2, 90-95.
Gross, P. (2004).  The East European Media: Public Sphere or Public Stage?. Changing European Public Spheres. New Cultural and Media Contexts in Western and Eastern Europe. Prospects and Challenges Conference.
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