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Douglass, K., & Mehra B. (2016).  A Four Frames Analysis to Address the Information Challenges of Families of Children with ADHD: Actions for Public Libraries to Address Embedded Power Imbalances. Libri. 66(1), 59-71.
Douglass, K., & Bilal D. (2014).  Constructing the 21st Century Workforce: Implications of NSFFunded DataONE for K-12 STEM Education. iConference Proceedings, Program, and Keynote Address.
Douglass, K., Allard S., Tenopir C., Wu L., & Frame M. (2014).  Managing Scientific Data as Public Assets: Data Sharing Practices and Policies among Full-time Government Employees. Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology (JASIST). 65(2), 251-262.
Dos Santos, G. M., & Kotowski M. R. (2008).  The role of the Connector in Bridging Borders through Virtual Communities. Communication across Borders Conference.
Dos Santos, G. M., & Kotowski M. R. (2008).  The Influence of Stereotyped Portrayals of a Racial Group: An examination of stereotype activation in Brazil. National Communication Association.
Dos Santos, G. M., Kotowski M. R., & Harwood J. (2007).  Television and gratification: The role of sex in predicting media uses and gratifications and television program preferences. National Communication Association.
Donohew, R. L., Helm D. M., & Haas J. W. (1989).  Drugs and Bias on the sports pages. (Wenner, L., Ed.).Sports and the media. 225-237.
Donohew, R. L., Helm D. M., & Haas J. W. (1988).  Drug use in sports:A Journalistic view. annual meeting of the International Association of Mass Communication Research.
Donohew, R. L., Helm D. M., & Haas J. W. (1988).  The coverage of drug-related stories on the sports pages. annual meeting of the Speech Communication Association.
Dexter, H. R., Drew K. M., Drzewiecka J. A., Gayle B. M., Moon D. G., Reist S., et al. (1995).  Reconceptualization of identity and agency in communication theory. annual meeting of the Speech Communication Association.
Dervin, B., Fisher K., Tenopir C., Dillon A., Normore L F., & Case D. O. (2006).  Being user-oriented: convergences, divergences, and the potential for systematic dialogue between disciplines and between researchers, designers, and providers. Proceedings of the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, Austin, 2006. 2077-2088.
Deosthali, K., Elliott D.., Fesmire S., & Potnis D. (2015).  Factors Influencing Adoption of e-Books by Students. International Conference of the Association of the Global Management Studies.
Deosthali, K., Gharawi M., & Potnis D. (2014).  Assessing Employee Satisfaction of the Electronic Training Program of the Gulf Cooperation Council's Countries. World Conference on E-Learning.
Deosthali, K., & Potnis D. (2009).  Competing with Time? Teaching Summer Sessions.
Deosthali, K., & Potnis D. (2012).  Laggards or Victims of Socioeconomic Conditions? Findings from Ongoing Survey of Female Slum-dwellers Without Cell Phone Ownership. 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance.
Deforrest, J., Fleming-May R., & Sprencer B. (2004).  Getting Our Foot (Back) in the Door: Reestablishing a Freshmen Instruction Program. The Reference Librarian. 41(85), 151-167.
Davis, M. L., Conger M., Allard S., Tenopir C., & Singh V. (2010).  Increasing Biodiversity Information Sources (IBIS) for the Southern Appalachian Information Node (SAIN): Developing an Environmental Decision Making Matrix. University of Tennessee College of Communication and Information 32nd Annual Research Symposium.
Davis, M. J., Waltman M. S., Haas J. W., & Asbury M. E. (2005).  Perspectives: Internet Videoconference in the College Classroom.. Southern States Communication Conferece.
Davis, M. J., Waltman M. S., Haas J. W., & Mease J. (2006).  Teaching Tolerance and Fighting Hatred through the Communication Curriculum. Southern States Communication Cenference.
Darling, R., Bayer R., & McMillan S. J. (2014).  Solving retention challenges with a team approach: A case study.