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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Stovall, J. G. (1988).  News Coverage of the 1984 Presidential Election, Parties and Candidates. Journalism Quarterly. 65, 443-450.
Harmon, M. (1987).  The New York Times and the Theft of the 1876 Presidential Election. Journal of American Culture. 10, 35-41.
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Zhu, X. (2010).  The national site licensing of electronic resources: An institutional perspective. . Journal of Library & Information Studies . 9(1), 
Luther, C. A. (2002).  National Identities, Structure, and Press Images of Nations: The Case of Japan and the U.S.. Mass Communication & Society. 5, 57-85.
White, C., & Kolesnicov I. (In Press).  Nation Branding in Transitional Democracy: The Role of Corporate Diplomacy in Promoting National Identity. Place Branding and Public Diplomacy.
McMillan, S. J., & Hwang J-S. (2002).  Nailing Jell-O to the Wall and Herding Cats: A Content Analysis of Chinese and U.S. Newspaper Coverage of the Internet in China. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. 31, 107-125.
Bilal, D. (2005).  Nacrtaj i objasni: Djeca kao dizajneri internetskih sucelja. Dijete i drustvo. 6, 321-334.
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McMillan, S. J., Hoy M G., Kim J., & McMahan C. (2008).  A Multifaceted Tool for a Complex Phenomenon: Coding Web-based Interactivity as Technologies for Interaction Evolve. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. 13 (4),
Harmon, M. (1989).  Mr. Gates Goes Electronic, the What and Why Questions in Local Television News. Journalism Quarterly. 66, 857-863.
Whiteside, E., & Rightler-McDaniels J. L. (2013).  Moving Toward Parity? Dominant Gender Ideology vs. Community Journalism in High School Basketball Coverage. Mass Communication and Society.
Choi, Y. K., Kim J., & McMillan S. J. (2009).  Motivators for the intention to use mobile TV: a comparison of South Korean males and females. International Journal of Advertising. 28 (1),
Singletary, M. W., Caudill E. C., & Caudill S. M. (1990).  Motivations for Ethical Decision-Making: A Q-Analysis,. Journalism Quarterly .. 964-972.
Luther, C. A., & Rightler-McDaniels J. L. (2013).  ’More Trouble Than the Good Lord Ever Intended’: Representations of Interracial Marriage in U.S. News Magazines. Journal of Magazine & New Media Research. 14(1), 
Lariscy, R. A., Avery E. J., Sweetser K. D., & Howes P. (2009).  Monitoring Public Opinion in Cyberspace: How Corporate Public Relations is Facing the Challenge. Public Relations Journal. 3 (4), 1-17.
Zhu, X. (2002).  The modern library and traditional humanistic spirit. . Library and Information Service . 5-9, 92.
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Mehra, B. (In Press).  Mobilization of Rural Libraries towards Political and Economic Change in the Aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election. The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy (Special Issue: Aftermath: Libraries, Democracy, and the 2016 Presidential Election). 87(4), 
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O'Connor, A., Paskewitz E. A., Jorgenson D., & Rick J. (2016).  Millionaire managers and locked out laborers: How changes in the work structure influence employee's perceptions of CSR.. Journal of Applied Communication Research.
McMillan, S. J. (2000).  The Microscope and the Moving Target: The Challenge of Applying Content Analysis to the World Wide Web. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. 77, 80-98.
Lundeen, G. W., & Tenopir C. (1985).  Microcomputer Software for In House Databases ... Four Top Packages Under $2000. Online. 9, 30-38.
Lundeen, G. W., & Tenopir C. (1984).  Microcomputer Based Library Catalog Software. Microcomputers for Information Management. 1, 215 228.
Taylor, R. E., & Wolburg J. (1998).  Messages of individualism in French, Spanish, and American television advertising. World Communication. 27, 3-30.
Chen, H., & Taylor R. E. (2012).  "Message Strategies of Chinese Award- Winning Advertisements". Journal of Intercultural Communication.
Moayedi, F., Hormozi S. Jashoonia, & Tahamtan I. (2015).  Mental Health Status of Patients With HIV/AIDS in the South of Iran. Health Scope. 4(2), 
Auger, G., & Cho M. (In Press).  Meeting the needs of the practice: An evaluation of the public relations curricula. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.
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Lee, Y J., Haley E., & Yang K. (2013).  The Mediating Role of Attitude Toward Values Advocacy Ads in Evaluating Issue Support Behavior and Purchase Intention. International Journal of Advertising. 32(2), 
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