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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Tenopir, C. (1993).  Discovering the World of Internet. Oklahoma Library Association Annual Meeting.
Bates, B. J., & Harmon M. (1993).  Do 'Instant Polls' Hit the Spot? Phone-in v. Random Sampling of Public Opinion. Journalism Quarterly. 70, 369-380.
Cates, C. M., & Kaye B. K. (1993).  Drowning in Data: Sorting Through CD ROM and Computer Databases. Presented to the Instructional Development Division of the Speech Communication Association annual convention.
Hoy, M G. (1993).  From Two Papers to One: Advertisers' Reactions When a City Loses a Major Daily. Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communications Convention.
Tenopir, C., & Berglund S. (1993).  Full Text Searching On Major Online Systems: DIALOG, NEXIS, and DataStar. Database. 17, 32-42.
Wirth, M. O. (1993).  The Future of Cable. Colorado Broadcasters Association Annual Convention.
Ozanich, G.., & Wirth M. O. (1993).  Global Video Transmission: The Development of Transnational Markets. Broadcast Education Association Annual Convention.
Gershon, R. A., & Wirth M. O. (1993).  Home Box Office: The Emergence of Pay Television in the United States. (Picard, R. G., Ed.).The Cable Networks Handbook. 114-22.
Violanti, M. T. (1993).  Hooked on expectations: An analysis of the "apologia” in the Tailhook Report,. annual meeting of the Speech Communication Association.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  The Impact of Technology on Library Instruction and Reference. LOEX Annual Conference.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  Impacts of Electronic Reference on Instruction and Reference. LOEX Annual Conference.
Lundeen, G. W., Tenopir C., & Wermager P. (1993).  Information Needs of Rural Health Care Workers. Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science. 253-268.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  Information Search Options That Support Access and Utilization. Information Access Conference.
Gross, P., Milo K., Niculescu-Maier S., & Yoder S. (1993).  Introduction to Public Relations (in Romanian). 133.
Haas, J. W. (1993).  An investigation of external influence on decision quality in small groups. annual meeting of the Speech Communication Association.
Caudill, E. C., & Farmer B. (1993).  John Seigenthaler. (Ashley, P., Ed.).American Newspaper Publishers (1951-1990).
Hillmer, B. H., & Violanti M. T. (1993).  Kiss Dagwood Bumstead goodbye: A communication perspective on downsizing. annual meeting of the Speech Communication Association.
Wirth, M. O., & Ozanich G.. (1993).  Local Broadband Services: The Potential for New Consumer Services. Broadcast Education Association Annual Convention.
Gross, P. (1993).  Mass Media and Public Opinion in Romania: Forward to the Past,. A.R.A. Journal, The American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences. 126-130.
Zorn, T. E., & Violanti M. T. (1993).  Measuring leadership style: A review of leadership instruments for classroom use. Communication Education. 42, 70-78.
Gross, P. (1993).  Media and Democratic Elections in Romania. 43rd Annual Conference of the International Communication Association.
Gross, P. (1993).  Media and Politics in the U.S.: Lessons for Eastern Europe. Cotidianul's International Colloquia on Mass Media and Society.
Gross, P. (1993).  Media and Public Opinion During Transition from Communism (in Romanian). Sociologia Romaneasca. 2, 187-198.
Caudill, E. C. (1993).  The Media and the Dissemination of Ideas. (Startt, J., & Sloan D., Ed.).The Significance of Media in American History. 215-232.
Gross, P. (1993).  Media as Catalysts, Impediments and Facilitators of Public Opinion Formation in the New Romania, (in Russian). (Manaev, O., & Pryluk Y., Ed.).Media in Transition from Totalitarianism to Democracy. 86-102.
Stovall, J. G., Sloan D., & Startt J. (1993).  The Media in America: A History.
Ozanich, G.., & Wirth M. O. (1993).  Mergers and Acquisitions: An Overview. (Alexander, A. F., Owers J., & Carveth R., Ed.).Media Economics Theory and Practice. 115-133.
Gross, P. (1993).  News as Entertainment in the New East/Central European Media. 18th Annual Conference of the American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences..
Violanti, M. T. (1993).  Nonverbal communication and gender. (Hummert, M. L., & Emel S. R., Ed.).Handbook of personal communication. 19-22.
Harmon, M. (1993).  Not Being There: Network TV News Budget Cuts and Skipping the Story Scene. Southwest Symposium.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  Online Databases, Internet, and Telecommunications Networks. Information Access Conference.
Hummert, M. L., Bonnesen J. L., Mazloff D., & Violanti M. T. (1993).  Patronizing speech to the elderly as a function of stereotyping. annual meeting of the Speech Communication Association.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  Predicting the Online Future. Database Searcher. 9, 2, 4-5.
Heller, R. B. (1993).  Public Occurrences.
Violanti, M. T. (1993).  Qualifying the judgment standards on the value of research. Conference on Research in Gender and Communication.
Tenopir, C., & Jacso P. (1993).  Quality of Abstracts. Online. 17, 44-55.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  Quality of Information Sources and Distribution Channels. LatinBase '93.
Harmon, M. (1993).  The Race Track and Hurdles Model of Broadcast News Process. Broadcast Education Association convention.
Haley, E., & McKee K. (1993).  Reaching the In-Dorm College Market: A Study of In-Room Media Ownership and Use. Annual Meeting of the Association of Popular Culture.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  The Reference Puzzle: Putting Together the Pieces. AMIGOS Annual Meeting.
Gross, P., & King S. (1993).  Romania's New Journalism Education Programs: Beginning or Beginning of the End?. Journalism Educator. 48, 24-32.
Caudill, E. C. (1993).  Science in the Publicity Laboratory. American Journalism Historians Association.
Sapolsky, B. S., Molitor F. T., Kaye B. K., & Kenin J. Y. (1993).  Segmenting VCR Owners According to VCR and TV Use: Implications for the Television Industry. Research Division of the Broadcast Education Association annual convention.
Haley, E. (1993).  The Semiotic Perspective: A Tool for Qualitative Inquiry. Proceedings of the 1993 Conference of the American Academy of Advertising. 189-196.
Hoy, M G., & Stankey M. J. (1993).  Structural Characteristics of Televised Advertising Disclosures: A Comparison with the FTC Clear and Conspicuous Standard. Journal of Advertising. 22, 47-59.
McKee, K., & Haley E. (1993).  Student Owned Media Technology in Residence Halls: A Descriptive Study. Journal of College and University Student Housing. 22, 39-42.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  Ten Loose Guidelines for Online Searchers. Online. 17, 27-33.
Harmon, M., & Fryman J. E. (1993).  Viewer Perceptions of CNN World Report: U.S. v. International Students. Southwest Symposium on Journalism and Mass Communication.
Tenopir, C. (1993).  What Makes a Quality Database? and How Searchers Can Test Databases. Conference on Information Services, Finnish Society for Information Services.
Tenopir, C., & Hove K. (1993).  When Is the Same Database Not the Same? Database Differences Among Systems. Online. 17, 20-27.