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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Freberg, K., & Palenchar M. J. (2013).  Convergence of digital negotiation and risk challenges: Strategic implications for social media for risk and crisis communications. Social media and strategic communication.
McMillan, S. J. (2013).  Course Scheduling as a Strategic Initiative: Using Technology Tools and Timetable Data to Enhance Student Success.. (Hardy, J., Ed.).College & University. 88(4), 
Ahn, A. H. Y., Wu L., & Taylor R. E. (2013).  "Creative Communication Strategies in Cosmetic Surgery Websites: An Applicaiton of Taylor's Six- Segment Message Strategy Wheel.". Health Marketing Quarterly. 30(4), 
Avery, E. J., & Graham M. (2013).  Crisis Communication and Organizaitonal-Centered Situational Considerations for Management. Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication.
Ickowitz, T., & Palenchar M. J. (2013).  Crisis communication representations of public relations: Universities' crises and chaos theory. International PR Conference.
White, C. (2013).  Cultural Flows and Public Relations. Encyclopedia of Public Relations (2nd ed.) Robert Heath, editor. I, 233-234.
White, C. (2013).  Cultural Sensitivity in Transnational Corporate Social Responsibility. 2nd Annual CSR Communication Conference. Proceedings of the 2nd Annual CSR Communication Conference, Aarhus, Denmark.,
Huang, K., & Kelly D. (2013).  The Daily Image Information Needs and Seeking Behaviors of Chinese Undergraduate Students. College & Research Libraries. 74, 243-261.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2013).  The dark side of the boon? Credibility, selective exposure and the proliferation of online sources of political information. Computers in Human Behavior. 29(5), 
Kent, M. L. (2013).  Dialogue. Encyclopedia of public relations. 1, 257-258.
Stephens, C., Childers C. C., Avery E. J., & Stripling C. (2013).  Diffusion of Social Media Among County 4-H Programs in Tennessee. (Bowen, R.D.., Ed.).Journal of Agricultural Education.
Bishop, B. Wade, Grubesic T. H., & Prasertong S. (2013).  Digital Curation and the GeoWeb: An Emerging Role of Geographic Information Librarians (GILs). Journal of Map and Geography Libraries. 9(3), 296-312.
Hank, C. (2013).  Digital Curation Madlibs. SAA Annual Meeting.
Fitzpatrick, K., & Palenchar M. J. (2013).  Disclosing special interests: Constitutional restrictions on front groups. Journal of Public Relations Research. 18(3), 203- 224.
Lee, T., Yun T. Woong, & Haley E. (2013).  Effects of Mutual fund Advertising Disclosures on Investor INformation Processing and Decision Making. Journal of Services Marketing. 27(2), 
Saffer, A. J., Sommerfeldt E. J., & Taylor M. (2013).  The effects of organizational twitter interactivity on organization- public relationships. Public Relations Review. 39, 213- 215.
Scholer, F., Kelly D., Wu W.C., & Webber W. (2013).  The Effects of Threshold Priming and Need for Cognition on Relevance Calibration and Assessment. Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR '13). 623-632.
Ickowitz, T., & Palenchar M. J. (2013).  Emergency text messaging systems and higher education campuses: Expanding crisis communication and chaos theory.
Cho, M., & De Moya M. (2013).  Empowerment as a key construct for understanding public relations' potential for community building. International Communication Association.
Beheshti, J., Cole C., Kuhlthau C. C., & Bilal D. (2013).  Enabling systems for inquiry-based learning. Proceedings of the 76 ASIS&T Annual Meeting.
Hank, C. (2013).  Evolved Roles, Evolved Curricula: the Who, Where and What in in Digital Archiving Graduate Education. 2013 Archival Education and Research Institute.
Jin, B., Cho M., & De Moya M. (2013).  Explaining the impact of organizational social capital on transparency and trust. The Korean Journal of Advertising and Public Relations. 15(2), 
Hoy, M G. (2013).  "Exploring Eyetracking for Marketing and Public Policy Research" . Marketing and Public Policy Conference.
Lee, S., Park E., & Cho M. (2013).  Exploring factors affecting tablet PC users' intention to purchase mobile applications: An extension of the UTAUT model. International Communication Association.
Chan-Olmsted, S., Cho M., & Yim M. (2013).  Exploring the role of social network sites in media brand relationship. Media management and social business: Value chain and business models in changing media markets. 735-748.
Kent, M. L., & Taylor M. (2013).  "From Homo Economicus to Homo Dialogicus: Rethinking Social Media Use in CSR Communication. National Communication Association (NCA).
Palenchar, M. J. (2013).  Front groups. Encyclopedia of public relations. 1, 367- 368.
Hazelton, V., Sha B-L., White C., & Graham M. (2013).  Generalizing from PR Research to Public Relations 2012. 16th International Public Relations Research Conference.
Kent, M. L. (2013).  Geodemographics. Encyclopedia of public relations. 1, 433-434.
Bishop, B. Wade, & Johnston M.. P. (2013).  Geospatial thinking of information professionals. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science. 54(1), 15-21.
Taylor, M., & Yang A. (2013).  A Global Perspective on Public Relations Professionalism: Mapping the structure of Public Relations Associations' International Networks. International Communication Association (ICA).
Avery, E. J., & Graham M. (2013).  Government public relations and social media: An analysis of the perceptions and trends of social media use at the local government level. Public Relations Journal. 7,
Taylor, M. (2013).  Government relations. Encylopedia of public relations. 402- 405.
Taylor, M. (2013).  Hearings. Encyclopedia of public relations. 416- 418.
Zhu, X., Eschenfelder K. R., Tsai T. I., & Stewart B. (2013).  How Institutionalized are Model License Use Terms? An Analysis of E-Journal License Use Terms from 2000-2009.. College & Research Libraries. 74(4), 326-355.
Azzopardi, L., Kelly D., & Brennan K. (2013).  How Query Cost Affects Search Behavior. Proceedings of the 36th Annual ACM International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR '13). 23-32.
Kaye, B. K. (2013).  I can choose clearly now: The influence of online source reliance on candidate preference during the 2008 Presidential election. Atlantic Journal of Communication. 21(5), 
Kent, M. L. (2013).  Ideographs and Rhetorical Theory. Encyclopedia of public relations. 1, 433-434.
Palenchar, M. J. (2013).  Infrastructural risk communication. Encyclopedia of public relations. 13, 453- 455.
Taylor, M. (2013).  Intercultural communication. Encyclopedia of public relations. 462- 464.
Hendrickson, E. (2013).  iPerceive: Platform Priorities And Workplace Innovation In America’s Consumer Magazine Industry. (Singh, V., Ed.).International Symposium of Online Journalism. 4(1), 
Potnis, D. (2013).  IT to Create Value for Small Businesses, Microfinance, & Society.
Harmon, M. (2013).  The 'Luntzification' of the Health Care Debate. Electronic News Division AEJMC. 7(3), 126-140.
Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2013).  Managing and sharing H1N1 crisis information using social media bookmarking services. Public Relations Review. 39, 178- 184.
Park, J., White C., & Lounsbury J. (2013).  Mapping and Measuring the Dimensions of Trust: Scale Development to Measure Trust in Organizations. International Communication Association.
Lee, Y J., Haley E., & Yang K. (2013).  The Mediating Role of Attitude Toward Values Advocacy Ads in Evaluating Issue Support Behavior and Purchase Intention. International Journal of Advertising. 32(2), 
Taylor, M., & Dolan T. (2013).  Mitigating media incitement to violence in Iraq: A locally driven approach. United States Institute for Peace.
Childers, C. C., Conway K., Hanley M., Menck L., Parker B., & Troutman M. (2013).  Mobile technology in the classroom: Teaching thorugh academia-industry partnerships. American Academy of Advertising.
Luther, C. A., & Rightler-McDaniels J. L. (2013).  ’More Trouble Than the Good Lord Ever Intended’: Representations of Interracial Marriage in U.S. News Magazines. Journal of Magazine & New Media Research. 14(1), 
Whiteside, E., & Rightler-McDaniels J. L. (2013).  Moving Toward Parity? Dominant Gender Ideology vs. Community Journalism in High School Basketball Coverage. Mass Communication and Society.