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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Littmann, M., & Yeomans D. K. (1985).  The Comet Hall of Fame. Mercury. 137-138.
Littmann, M., & Yeomans D. K. (1985).  Comet Halley: Once in a Lifetime. 175.
Tenopir, C. (1985).  Contributions of Value Added Fields and Full Text Searching in Full Text Databases. Proceedings of the Sixth National Online Meeting. 463-470.
Wirth, M. O. (1985).  Economic Barriers to Entry: Daily Newspapers vs. Television Stations vs. Radio Stations: A Preliminary Analysis. Mass Communication Division of the Annual Convention of the International Communication Association.
Littmann, M., & Yeomans D. K. (1985).  Edmond Halley: The Man. Mercury. 135-136.
Hoy, M G., & Mowen J. C. (1985).  From Acts to Dispositions to Ethical Perceptions: An Attributional Approach to Marketing Ethics. AMA Winter Educators' Conference.
Tenopir, C. (1985).  Full Text Database Retrieval Performance. Online Review. 9, 149-164.
Wirth, M. O. (1985).  The Future for New Technologies: Market Research and Profitability .. Broadcast Education Association Annual Convention.
Littmann, M. (1985).  Halley's Comet: An Observer's Guide. 28.
Littmann, M., & Yeomans D. K. (1985).  How Comets Got Their Names. Mercury. 136.
Tenopir, C. (1985).  Information Science Education in the United States: Characteristics and Curricula. Education for Information. 3, 3-28.
Taylor, R. E., & Wallace S. (1985).  The linked model writing project. Annual of the American Academy of Advertising. NR212-14.
Lundeen, G. W., & Tenopir C. (1985).  Microcomputer Software for In House Databases ... Four Top Packages Under $2000. Online. 9, 30-38.
Caudill, E. C. (1985).  Missing the Story of the Century: How the New York Times Neglected the Theory of Evolution. AEJMC.
Tenopir, C. (1985).  Online Searching With a Microcomputer: Downloading Issues. Microcomputers for Information Management. 2, 77-89.
Stovall, J. G. (1985).  Philip Freneau. (Ashley, P., Ed.).Dictionary of Literary Biography. 43, 218-226.
Littmann, M., & Yeomans D. K. (1985).  Prospects for Viewing Halley's Comet (in 1985-86, 2061, and 2134). Mercury. 130-134.
Stovall, J. G. (1985).  Richard Adams Locke. (Ashley, P., Ed.).Dictionary of Literary Biography. 43, 309-312.
Stovall, J. G. (1985).  Samuel Bowles III. (Ashley, P., Ed.).Dictionary of Literary Biography. 43, 53-59.
Gross, P. (1985).  Satellite Communication Policies in West Germany and France: A Study in Contrasts. 1985 interdisciplinary International conference on the Socio-Cultural Impact of New Media.
Tenopir, C. (1985).  Searching Harvard Business Review Online ... Lessons in Searching A Full Text Database. Online. 9, 71-78.
Stovall, J. G. (1985).  The Third Party Challenge of 1980: News Coverage of the Presidential Candidates. Journalism Quarterly. 266-272.
Gross, P. (1985).  West German and French Satellite Communication Policies: Similarities and Contrasts. Proceedings of the 1985 Inter-Disciplinary International Conference on the Socio-Cultural Impact of New Media. 121-148.
Stovall, J. G. (1984).  Abraham Cahan. (Ashley, P., Ed.).Dictionary of Literary Biography. 24, 32-38.
Wirth, M. O., & Bloch H. (1984).  The Broadcasters: The Future Role of Local Stations and the Three Networks. Columbia University's Conference on Rivalry Among Video Transmission Media.
Caudill, E. C. (1984).  A Cohort Analysis of Variations in Political Knowledge.. AEJMC.
Littmann, M. (1984).  Comet Halley: Once in a Lifetime – Curriculum Integration Guide. 48.
Wirth, M. O., Baldwin T. F., & Zenaty J. W. (1984).  Consumer Demand for Sex-Oriented Cable TV in the USA: Community Acceptance and Obscenity Law. Telecommunications Policy. 314- 320.
Wirth, M. O., Baldwin T. F., & Zenaty J. W. (1984).  Consumer Demand for Sex-Oriented Pay Cable Programming. Mass Communications Division of the Annual Convention of the International Communication Association.
Bloch, H., & Wirth M. O. (1984).  The Demand for Pay Services on Cable Television. Information Economics and Policy. 311- 332.
Wirth, M. O., & Wollert J.. (1984).  The Effects of Market Structure on Television News Pricing. Journal of Broadcasting. 215-224.
Tenopir, C. (1984).  Full Text Databases. (Williams, M. E., Ed.).Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. 215-246.
Tenopir, C. (1984).  Identification and Evaluation of Software for Microcomputer Based In House Databases. Information Technology and Libraries. 3, 21 34.
Stovall, J. G. (1984).  Incumbency and News Coverage of the 1980 Presidential Election Campaign. Western Political Quarterly. 37, 621-631.
Tenopir, C. (1984).  The Information Professional in 25 Years. Information and Special Libraries in 2009: Informed Speculations. 25.
Lundeen, G. W., & Tenopir C. (1984).  Microcomputer Based Library Catalog Software. Microcomputers for Information Management. 1, 215 228.
Stovall, J. G., & Solomon J. H. (1984).  The Poll as a News Event in the 1980 Presidential Campaign. Public Opinion Quarterly. 48, 642-650.
Wang, P., & Fang B-wei. (1984).  A study of documentation services from the need of users. Patent Review of China. 1, 15-16.
Tenopir, C., & Jackson M. (1984).  Telecommunication and Publishing in the South Pacific. Electronic Publishing Review. 4, 189 200.
Swan, S. (1983).  Broadcast Education and the Needs of the Industry. Feedback, Broadcast Education Association.
Littmann, M. (1983).  The Dawn of Astronomy. 36.
Tenopir, C. (1983).  End User Search Services: A Comparison. Proceedings of the Online '83 Conference. 280 285.
Wirth, M. O. (1983).  The Impact of the Mountain States Legal Foundation Lawsuit on Community Programming in Cable Television Systems. Colorado Front Range Chapter of the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers.
Swan, S. (1983).  Intercultural Communication and the International Student in the US. Communication Association of Pacific.
Ashdown, P. G. (1983).  The Paracelsus Paradigm: Reflections on the Journalism of Credulity. (Howard, H. H., Ed.).Sixth Annual Communications Research Symposium: A Proceedings. 17-32.
Stovall, J. G. (1983).  Samuel Langhorne Clemens. (Ashley, P., Ed.).Dictionary of Literary Biography. 23, 32-46.
Wirth, M. O. (1983).  Should Cable Television Be Regulated as a Common Carrier?. Law and Economics Division of the Law and Society Association Annual Meetings.
Wirth, M. O. (1982).  Cable Television: The Blue Sky Revisited. Broadcast Education Association Annual Conference.
Stoner, R. B., & Wirth M. O. (1982).  Conceptualization of a Communication Path Model. Annual International Technical Communication Conference.
Wollert, J.., & Wirth M. O. (1982).  Deregulation of Commercial TV in the USA: Control by Government or Market.. Telecommunications Policy. 155-163.