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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Harmon, M., & Bates B. J. (2014).  Global News on the Cheap: Options for PSM to Expand Global News Coverage.. RIPE@2014 - Public Service Media Across Boundaries.
Yang, A., & Taylor M. (2014).  A global perspective on public relations professionalism: Mapping the structure of public relations associations' international networks. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. 91, 508- 529.
Kent, M. L. (2014).  "Government, Public Policy, and Public Relations".
Mehra, B. (2014).  Guest Editor’s Introduction. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries Journal. Special Issue 2014: Social Justice, Social Inclusion, 1-3.
Mehra, B. (2014).  Guest Editorial. Special Issue: Gender in LIS Education: New Directions, New Thinking, Journal of Education for Library and Information Science. 55(3), 187-190.
Mehra, B. (2014).  Guest Editorial: What is the Value of Social Justice in Pakistan’s Library and Information Science Professions?. Pakistan Journal of Information Management and Libraries. 15(1), i-ii.
Taylor, M., & Yang A. (2014).  Have global ethical values emerged in communication practice? Evidence from national and international professional public relations associations. International Communication Association (ICA).
Rightler-McDaniels, J. L. (2014).  Hoes and Hashtags: Constructions of Gender and Race in Trending Topics. (Hendrickson, E., Ed.).Social Semiotics. 24(2), 
Haley, E., Taylor R. E., & Morrison M. (2014).  How Advertising Creatives Define Excellent Account Planning. Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising. 35,
Ju, I., & Haley E. (2014).  How Do Consumers Cope with Prescription Drug Advertising Messages? Risk Disclosure Presentation ORder, Advertising Skepticism, and Perceived Risk Disclosure Voluntariness. American Academy of Advertising.
Jin, B., & Cho M. (2014).  How Korean newspapers and television news programs cover blood donation: A quantitative and qualitative analysis of facilitators and barriers. Health Communication Research. 10,
Jamali, H. R., Nicholas D., Watkinson A., Herman E., Tenopir C., Allard S., et al. (2014).  How Scholars Implement Trust in the Reading, Citing and Publishing: Geographical Differences. Library & Information Science Research. 36(2014), 192-202.
Kaye, B. K., & Johnson T. J. (2014).  I only have eyes for YouTube: Motives for political use. Paper presentated at the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research annual conference, Chicago, IL. .
Mohan, L., & Potnis D. (2014).  ICTs for Financial Inclusion of the Unbanked Poor in Developing Economies. 20th Americas Conference on Information Systems.
McMillan, S. J., Bayer R., Darling R., & Adams B. (2014).  Increasing Opportunity and Success: A Nimble and Nuanced Response to the WHite House College Pipeline Summit. AACRAO Strategic Management Conference.
Sohn, H., Lee S., & Cho M. (2014).  Influential factors of college students' intention to use wearbale device: An applicaiton of the UTAUT2 model. Korean Journal of Communication and Information Studies. 68,
Avery, E. J. (2014).  Infographics. Encyclopedia of Public Relations.
Blakeman, R. (2014).  Integrated Marketing Communication: Creative Strategy from Idea to Implementation.
Taylor, M., & Yang A. (2014).  International public relations codes of ethics: The nexus of global networks and local contexts. International Communication Association (ICA).
Khodabakhshzadeh, S., Khodabakhshzadeh T., Khodabakhshzadeh S., & Tahamtan I. (2014).  Knowledge Management in the Petroleum Industry of Iran . Journal of Information & Knowledge Management. 13(02), 
Palenchar, M. J. (2014).  Legitimating intelligence: Design, public engagement, and the right to operate and reward.
Bilal, D. (2014).  Library automation: Core concepts and practical systems analysis.. 310.
Potnis, D. (2014).  Managing Gender-Related Challenges in ICT4D Field Research. Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries. 65(2), 
Douglass, K., Allard S., Tenopir C., Wu L., & Frame M. (2014).  Managing Scientific Data as Public Assets: Data Sharing Practices and Policies among Full-time Government Employees. Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology (JASIST). 65(2), 251-262.
Mehra, B., & Tidwell W.T. (2014).  Mapping the Infoscape of LIS Courses for Intersections of Health-Gender and Health-Sexual Orientation Topics. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science. 55(3), 191-211.
Arvind, M., Lee J., & Taylor R. E. (2014).  Message Strategies for Ads in U.S. Children's Magazines: An Application of Taylor's Six-Segment Strategy Wheel. AEJMC .
Potnis, D. (2014).  Microfinance 101: Fundamental Concepts, Challenges, and Opportunities.
Potnis, D. (2014).  Microfinance: Key Concepts, Challenges, Innovative Solutions, and Opportunities for Communication and Information Researchers.
White, C., & Kolesnicov I. (2014).  Nation Branding in a Transitional Democracy: A Case study of ROM Candy.. European Public Relations Research and Education Association Congress.
Evans, N., & Hoy M G. (2014).  "The Natives Are Restless: The Influence of Disclosure Modality and Cognitive Load on Parents' Attitudes Towards Chidlren's Advergame Regulation". Marketing and Public Policy Conference.
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Non- Governmental Organizations in a Globalizing World: Communication Netowrks, Culture, Opportunities and Challenges.
Cho, M., & Schweickart T.. L. (2014).  Nonprofits' use of Facebook: An examination of organizational message. Public Relations in the Nonprofit Sector: Theory and Practice. 281-295.
Wu, W.C., & Kelly D. (2014).  Online Search Stopping Behaviors: An Investigation of Query Abandonment and Task Stopping. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST).
Veil, S., & Bishop B. Wade (2014).  Opportunities and Challenges for Public Libraries to Enhance Community Resilience. Risk Analysis. 34(4), 721-734.
Park, J. Seong, Ahn A. H. Y., & Haley E. (2014).  Optimistic Bias, Advertising Skepticism, and Consumer Intentions for Seeking INformation About the Health Risks of Prescription Medicine. American Academy of Advertising.
Tahamtan, I., & Sedghi S. (2014).  Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Handheld Computers in Clinical Practice. Health Scope. 3(4), 
Kelly, S., Miller L. E., Ahn A. H. Y., & Haley E. (2014).  Perceptions and Portrayals of Skin Cancer Among Cultural Subgroups. ISNR Dermatology.
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Plenary Speaker: Social Media in public relations: Reflections on extending and narrowing relationships. International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising.
Mohan, L., Potnis D., & Miesing P. (2014).  Potential of Analytics for Scaling Social Enterprises. 11th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference.
Kent, M. L. (2014).  "The Power of Storytelling in Public Relations: Understanding the 20 Master Plots". International Communication Association (ICA).
Avery, E. J., & Lariscy R. A. (2014).  Preventable Disease Practices Among a Lower SES, Multi-Cultural, Non-urban, U.S. Community: The Roles of Vaccination Efficacy and Personal Constraints Health Communication. Health Communication. 29,
Hoy, M G., & Park J. Seong (2014).  "Principles in Action: An Examination of FDA Administrative Letters Involving Violative Internet Promotions from 1997-2012. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. 33(2), 
Kent, M. L., & Taylor M. (2014).  "Problematizing Social Media in Public Relations: Scholars Misremember the Past and Forget About the Future". International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD).
Kent, M. L., & Taylor M. (2014).  Problems with social media in public relations: Mis-remembering the past and ignoring the future. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. 3(2), 
Avery, E. J. (2014).  Procuring external funding. Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication.
Chen, H., & Haley E. (2014).  Product Placement in Social Games: Consumer Expereiences in China. Journal of Advertising. 43(3), 
Cho, M., Schweickart T.. L., & Haase A. (2014).  Public engagement with nonprofit organizations on Facebook. Public Relations Review. 40(3), 
Kent, M. L. (2014).  "Public Relations and Society: Corporate Social Responsibility".
Taylor, R. E., Wolburg J., & Wolburg T. (2014).  Putting on Campaigns: A History of 70 Years of Advertising Education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 1923-1993. AEJMC.
Mohan, L., & Potnis D. (2014).  Real-time Decisions to Serve the Unbanked Poor in the Developing World: Examples from Mexico and India. Annual Meeting of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.