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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Wang, P., & Fang B-wei. (1984).  A study of documentation services from the need of users. Patent Review of China. 1, 15-16.
Potnis, D., Demissie D., & Deosthali K. (2017).  Students’ Intention to Adopt Internet-Based Personal Safety Wearable Devices: Extending UTAUT with Trusting Beliefs. First Monday.
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Tenopir, C. (1986).  Student Online Data Base Searching: Part I. Computing Teacher. 13, 18-19.
Finlay, C.S., Hank C., Sugimoto C.R., & Johnson M. (2013).  The structure of the biblioblogosphere: An examination of the linking practices of institutional and personal library blogs. Journal of Web Librarianship. 7(1), 20-36.
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Mehra, B., & Davis R. (2015).  A Strategic Diversity Manifesto for Public Libraries in the 21st Century. New Library World. 116(1/2), 
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Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2010).  Still cruising and believing? An analysis of online credibility over three presidential campaigns.. American Behavioral Scientist. 54(1), 
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Hardin, M., & Whiteside E. (2009).  Sports reporters divided over concerns about Title IX. Newspaper Research Journal. 30(1), 
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Cameron, J., & Geidner N. (2014).  Something old, something new, something borrowed from something blue: Experiements on dual viewing TV and Twitter.. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.
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Yang, A., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Social media and organizational visibility: A sample of Fortune 500 corporations. Public Relation Review. 40(3), 
Mehra, B., Black K., Singh V., Nolt J., Williams K. C., Simmons S., et al. (2014).  The Social Justice Framework in the Information Technology Rural Librarian Master’s Scholarship Program: Bridging the Rural Digital Divides.. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries Journal. Special Issue 2014: Social Justice, Social Inclusion , 5-11.
Zhu, X., & Eschenfelder K. R. (2010).   Social construction of authorized users in the Digital Age. . College & Research Libraries. 71(6), 548-568.
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Roessner, A. (2011).  The Sinner and the Saint: National Magazine Coverage of Ty Cobb and Christy Mathewson, 1900-1928. The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture: 2009-2010. 124-139.
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Gross, P. (1991).  Romania's Poor Orphans: Civil and Information Society. Media, Culture & Society. 13, 407-413.