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Conference Paper
Mehra, B. (2005).  Social Justice and Internet Research. 6th conference of the Association of Internet Researchers: Internet Research 6.0, Internet Generations.
Freberg, K., & Palenchar M. J. (2012).  social media and food safety crises: The potential risks of unconfirmed messages. International Communication Conference.
Palenchar, M. J., & Freberg K. (2011).  Social media and mobile technologies implemented in risk and crisis communication practices. International Public Relations Research Conference.
Chan-Olmsted, S., & Cho M. (2013).  Social media as branding tools: Exploring the effects of social media on brand relationship and the role of consumer characteristics. Media Management and Economics of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2010).  Social media bookmarking services: Managing and sharing information from a centralized source. National Communication Association.
Taylor, M. (2014).  Social media in public relations. 7th International Forum on Public Relations and Advertising.
Palenchar, M. J. (2006).  A social, narrative approach to risk communication. Extending Palmlund’s typology of risk roles.. Annual Meeting of the National Communication Association.
Kotowski, M. R. (2006).  The Social Norms Approach to Reducing Campus Binge Drinking: The vacillating nature of descriptive norms. annual meeting of the Eastern Communication Association.
Luther, C. A., & Legg R. J. (2007).  Social versus Physical Aggression: An Examination of Gender-Related Differences Depicted in Children’s Television Cartoons. International Communication Association Conference.
Mehra, B. (2005).  Socio-Technical Development of Digital Libraries in the Cross-Cultural Learning Process: A Critical Perspective. American Society for Information Science & Technology 2005 Annual Meeting: Sparking Synergies: Bringing Research and Practice Together @ ASIST '05.
Tenopir, C. (1991).  Software for CD-ROM. International Online Meeting.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2013).  Some like it lots: The influence of interactivity and reliance on credibility. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conference, Washington, DC. .
Kim, D., Johnson T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2006).  Something Ventured, Something Gained: Moderating Impact of Blogs on Political Activity. AEJMC Annual Conference.
Lariscy, R. A., & Avery E. J. (2006).  Sources of Information for Health Journalists: Opportunities for Corporate Health Public Relations. Annual meeting of the National Communication Association.
Violanti, M. T., & Brooks A. M. (2007).  Spiritual vitamins: An examination of health, wellness and spirituality. annual meeting of the Southern States Communication Association.
Childers, C. C. (2008).  Spokescharacter appearance vs. behavior: What's more important when advertising food products to kids in different developmental stages?. 2008 International Communication Association Conference.
Roessner, A. (2009).  Sporting Life and the "Fairer Sex": Debating a Woman's Place in the National Pastime. American Journalism Historian's Association.
Harmon, M. (1989).  Statistical and Anecdotal Results from an Inquiry into Gatekeeping in Local Television News,. Western Communication Educators Conference.
Carpenter, C., & Reichert T. (2006).  Stereotypes in advertising: An analysis of sex role portrayals of women and men over 30 years.. Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication Conference.
Gross, P. (1989).  The Still Applicable Totalitarian Theory of the Press: The Case of Romania. 3rd Annual Colloquia on East/West Communication.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2007).  Still Cruising and Believing? An Analysis of Online Credibility over Three Presidential Campaigns.
Wirth, M. O. (1994).  Strategic Alliances on the Information Superhighway. Colorado Broadcasters Association Annual Convention.
Rumsey, G. C., & White C. (2007).  Strategic Corporate Philanthropic Relationships: Nonprofits’ Perceptions of Benefits and Corporate Motives. AEJMC - PR Division.
Palenchar, M. J., & Heath R. L. (2003).  Strategic risk communication: A longitudinal analysis of a community’s emergency response awareness and practices.. National Communication Association.
Palenchar, M. J. (2003).  Strategic risk communication and community relations: An analysis of sustained emergency response campaigns.. International, Interdisciplinary Public Relations Research Conference.
Palenchar, M. J., & Heath R. L. (2006).  Strategic Risk Communication Campaigns: Some Insights from the Culmination of a Decade of Research.. Annual Meeting of the International Communication Association.
Kaye, B. K., & Johnson T. J. (2014).  Strengthening the core: Examining interactivity, credibility, and reliance as measures of media use. Paper presented at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conference, Montreal, Canada .
Lee, Y J., Haley E., & Yang K. (2009).  Structural Equation Modeling of Consumer Perception of Values Advocacy Advertising: The Consequent Effects of Self-Construal on the Outcomes, Behavioral Intention, and Purchase Intention. National AEJMC Conference.
White, C. (2014).  Studying Communication Abroad in the Global Economy. . American Academy of Advertising.
Goode, C.M.., Kaye B. K., & Loboda I.. (2012).  Summer teaching institute and beyond: Moving from divided services to collaboration. Paper presented at Educause – Southwest Regional Conference, Tampa, FL..
Morrison, M., & White C. (2000).  Super.Com: An analysis of message strategies utilized in super bowl ads. annual meeting of AEJMC, Advertising and Critical and Cultural Studies Divisions.
Tenopir, C. (1991).  Survey, Analysis, and Evaluation Criteria of Full Text Systems. American Society for Information Science 54th Annual Meeting.
Wang, P., Bales S. E., Rieger J., & Zhang Y. (2004).  Survey of learners’ knowledge structures: Rationales, methods, and instruments. In Proceedings of the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 218-228.
Wang, P. (2004).  Survey of learners’ knowledge structures: Rationales, methods, and instruments. Poster paper in Proceedings of the 67th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.
Tenopir, C. (2005).  Surveys of Scientists and Engineers: Ensuring Reliable Research and Evidence for Good Practice. ASIST Annual meeting.
Palenchar, M. J., & Heath R. L. (2003).  Sustained strategic risk communication: A longitudinal analysis of community’s zones of meaning. .. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
McMillan, S. J., Gardner D., & Smethers J. (2013).  A SWAT team approach to Enhancing Student Success. (Adams, B., Ed.).AACRAO Strategic Management Conference.
Conference Proceedings
Taylor, R. E. (2011).  "Similarity Among Advertising Students, 1997-2008". American Academy of Advertising.
Hovland, R., & Blakeman R. (2014).  Studying Communication Abroad in the Global Economy. Panel presentation. Proceedings of the American Academy of Advertising.
Kupritz, V. W. (2007).  Symbiotic relationship between culture and work organizations. The International Environmental Design and Research Association Conference.
Journal Article
Mehra, B. (1999).  The Sacred Landscape of Hindu Temples: A Marker of Indian Diasporic Identity in the U.S.. Sagar: A South Asia Graduate Student Journal. 6,
Mehra, B., Bishop A P., Bazzell I., & Smith C. (2002).  Scenarios in the Afya Project as a Participatory Action Research (PAR) Tool for Studying Information Seeking and Use Across the "Digital Divide". Journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology. 53, 1259-1266.
King, D. W., Tenopir C., Choemprayong S., & Wu L. (2009).  Scholarly Journal Information Seeking and Reading Patterns of Faculty at Five U.S. Universities. Learned Publishing. 22 (2),
Tenopir, C. (1985).  Searching Harvard Business Review Online ... Lessons in Searching A Full Text Database. Online. 9, 71-78.
Harmon, M., & Muenchen R. (2009).  Semantic Framing of the Iraq War: Fox v. CNN and other U.S. Broadcast News Programs. ETC: A Review of General Semantics. 12-26.
Mehra, B. (2004).  Service Learning in Library and Information Science (LIS) Education: Connecting Research and Practice to Community.. InterActions: UCLA Journal of Information and Education Studies. 1.
Tenopir, C., & King D. W. (1996).  Setting the Record Straight on Journal Publishing: Myth Vs. Reality. Library Journal. 121, 32-35.
Sapolsky, B. S., Tabarlet J. O., & Kaye B. K. (1995).  Sexual Behavior and References in Program Promotions Aired During Sweeps and Nonsweeps Periods. Journal of Promotion Management. 3, 95-126.
Fleming-May, R., & Hedges B. (2003).  Shaping Patron Behavior through Information Communication and Education. Technical Services Quarterly. 21(1), 1-15.
Heath, R. L., Coombs W. T., Edwards L., & Palenchar M. J. (In Press).  Shaping the field: Bob Heath and the two volumes of the Encyclopedia of Public Relations. Public Relations Review.