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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Black, K., Mehra B., Nolt J., Renfro N., Reynolds D., Simmons S., et al. (2011).  Partnerships and Collaborations in the IMLS-Funded Information Technology Rural Librarian Master’s Scholarship Program (Poster). 2011 Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference.
Ahn, A. H. Y., Kotowski M. R., Wu L., & Yu H. (2011).  A Path Analytic Test of Anti-binge Drinking Public Service Announcement Effectiveness: Attitudes and intentions. Southern States Communication Association.
Tenopir, C., Allard S., Bates B. J., Levine K. J., King D. W., Birch W. B., et al. (2011).  Perceived Value of Scholarly Articles. Learned Publishing. 24, 123-132.
Hoy, M G., & Park J. Seong (2011).  "Pharma Online: An Examination of FDA Administrative Letters Involving Violative Internet Promotions". Marketing and Public Policy Conference.
Whiteside, E. (2011).  The politics of activism: Assessing the potential for change through FAME. International Communication Association.
Mehra, B., & Braquet D. (2011).  Progressive LGBTQ Reference: Coming Out in the 21st Century. Special Issue: Learning Landscapes and the New Reality, Reference Services Review. 39(3), 
Avery, E. J., & Lariscy R. W. (2011).  Public Information Officers' Perceived Control in Building Local Public Health Agendas and the Impact of Community Size. Health Communication. 1-10.
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Public relations and social media: Decentralizing control and power in risk and crisis communication. International PR conference.
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Public relations of nations.
Taylor, M. (2011).  Public relations pedagogy.
Kent, M. L. (2011).  Public relations writing: A rhetorical approach. 343.
Kent, M. L. (2011).  Putting the Social Back in Social Media: A Meta- Analysis and Critique of Social Media Research.
[Anonymous] (2011).  Qualitative and quantitative research methods in studies of children’s information behavior.. Proceedings of The 3rd Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Libraries International Conference, Athens, Greece, May 24-27 .
Bilal, D. (2011).  Qualitative and quantitative research methods in studies of children’s information behavior. The 3rd Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Libraries International Conference, Athens, Greece, May 24-27. .
Taylor, R. E. (2011).  Qualitative Interviewing. Using Qualitative Reserach in Advertising: Strategies, Techniques, and Applications.
Ahn, A. H. Y., Wu L., Kelly S., & Haley E. (2011).  A Qualitative Study of College Student Responses to Conflicting Messages in Advertising: Anti-binge Drinking Public Service Announcements vs. Wine Promotion Health Messages. International Journal of Public Health. 56(3), 
Avery, E. J., & Hocke T. M. (2011).  Quiet, Creeping, and Sudden?!: Exploring Public Information Officers' Definitions of Health Crisis. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Sapolsky, B. S., & Kaye B. K. (2011).  Rating offensive words in three television program contexts. Mass Communication & Society. 14(1), 
Taylor, M., & Pampaloni A. (2011).  Rehibilitating Image in Public Relations: Remembering that Images are a Foundation for Knowing. National Communication Association (NCA).
Taylor, M., Yang A., & Klyueva A. V. (2011).  A Relational Approach to Public Diplomacy in a Multipolar World: Understanding the U.S.- China- Russia Relationship Concerning Libya through the People's Daily Newspaper. Future of U.S.- Chinese Media Communication and Public Diplomacy in a Post- Crisis World Conference.
Kim, S., Avery E. J., & Lariscy R. W. (2011).  Repair at the Expense of Providing Instructing annd Adjusting Information Following Crises: Examining 18 Years of Crisis Response Strategy Research. International Journal of Strategic Communication. 5,
Kent, M. L. (2011).  Research Grab Bag: "Web Metrics--- With a Focus on Google Analytics".
Lee, T., Haley E., Yun T. Woong, & Wonjun C. (2011).  Retirement Financial Services Advertising: U.S. Retirement Financial Services Advertising's Financial Information Provisions, Communication Strategies and Judgmental Heuristic Cues. Journal of Consumer Affairs. 45(3), 
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Risk and urban communication.
Palenchar, M. J., Hocke T. M., & Heath R. L. (2011).  Risk communication and corporate social responsibility: The essence of sound management for risk bearers, generators and arbiters. (Ihlen, J., Bartlett J., & May S., Ed.).Handbook of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibilty. 188-207.
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Risk communication and environmental sustainability.
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Risk equity: Why race and class are life and death matters in risk communication.
Mehra, B., & Dessel A. (2011).  The Role of Library and Information Science Education in the Development of Community Health Information Services for People living With HIV/AIDS: Perspectives of Directors and Managers of Public Libraries. World Journal of AIDS. 1(3), 78-87.
Black, K., Mehra B., & Singh V. (2011).  Scope of Broadband Education and Deployment in Rural Libraries: Desperately-Seeking Partners in a Grant Proposal. Tennessee Libraries.
Mehra, B., Black K., & Singh V. (2011).  Scope of Broadband Education and Deployment in Rural Libraries: Desperately-Seeking Partners in a Grant Proposal (Panel Presenters: Black, Singh). 2011 Tennessee Library Association Annual Conference.
Gross, P. (2011).  Seeking the Impossible? Accuracy in Today's Journalism. (Rad, I., Ed.).Documentation in Journalism. 39-70.
Kaye, B. K., & Johnson T. J. (2011).  The shot heard around the World Wide Web: Who heard what where about Osama bin Laden’s death. Paper presented at the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research annual conference, Chicago, IL. .
Taylor, R. E. (2011).  "Similarity Among Advertising Students, 1997-2008". American Academy of Advertising.
Roessner, A. (2011).  The Sinner and the Saint: National Magazine Coverage of Ty Cobb and Christy Mathewson, 1900-1928. The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture: 2009-2010. 124-139.
Roessner, A., & Broaddus M. (2011).  The Sinners and the Scapegoat: Public Reaction to Mae West's Adam & Eve Skit in the Press. American Journalism Historian's Association.
Taylor, R. E. (2011).  "Six Strategies in Six Minutes". Advertising Principles and Practice. 238.
Sommerfeldt, E. J., & Taylor M. (2011).  A social capital approach to improving public relations efficacy: Diagnosing internal constraints on external communication. Public Relations Review. 37, 197- 206.
Palenchar, M. J., Freberg K., & Hocke T. M. (2011).  Social Media and FoodShield: Review & Recommendations. FoodSHIELD.
Palenchar, M. J., & Freberg K. (2011).  Social media and mobile technologies implemented in risk and crisis communication practices. International Public Relations Research Conference.
Taylor, M. (2011).  Social Media and New Technologies in Public Relations.
Palenchar, M. J., & Veil S. (2011).  Social media opportunities and constraints project .
Lee, S., & Cho M. (2011).  Social media use in a mobile broadband environment: Examination of determinants of Twitter and Facebook use. International Journal of Mobile Marketing. 6(2), 
King, D. W., & Tenopir C. (2011).  Some Economic Aspects of the Scholarly Journal System. (Cronin, B., Ed.).Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. 45, 295-366.
Gross, P. (2011).  The Starting Point: Studies on European Foreign Correspondents and Correspondence. (Gross, P., & Kopper G. G., Ed.).Understanding Foreign Correspondence, Concepts, Methodologies, and Theories. 1-28.
Lee, T., Wonjun C., & Taylor R. E. (2011).  "A Strategic response to the financial crisis: an empirical analysis of financial services advertising before and during the financial crisis". Journal of Services Marketing. 25(3), 
Luther, C. A. (2011).  Survey. Research Methods. 145-160.
Keikha, B., Tahamtan I., & Hassan M. Mohammad (2011).  Survey on information literacy status of faculty members in Zabol University of Medical Sciences: 2009-2010. Journal of Rostamineh . 2(3), 
Welch, C. (2011).  Teen Volunteers to the Rescue!. (Smallwood, C., & Clapp M., Ed.).How to Thrive as a Solo Librarian. 69-79.
Milam, L., & Avery E. J. (2011).  There's an App for Africa: New Public Diplomacy and the U.S. State Department's "Apps4Africa" Contest. National Communication Association.
Gross, P. (2011).  The Tip of the Lance: Scinteia and the Establishment of Communism in Romania. (Mertelsmann, O., Ed.).Central and Eastern European Media Under Dictatorial Rule and in the Early Cold War. 113-126.