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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Gross, P. (1997).  Birth of a New Era: Media and the 1996 General Elections (in Romanian). Secolul XX – XXI. 5, 230-240.
Gross, P. (1995).  Methods of teaching college journalism: Training the trainers. East/Central European journalism school deans and faculty, and panelist at the Central and Eastern European Journalism Educators Conference,..
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Gross, P., Milo K., Niculescu-Maier S., & Yoder S. (1998).  Introduction to Public Relations (in Romanian).
Gross, P. (2005).  Introduction,. (Ionica, L., Ed.).Dictionary of Broadcast Terms (in Romanian). 1-3.
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Gross, P. (1999).  Forward to the Past: American Journalism in an Age of Relativism (in Romanian). Secolul XX – XXI. 7-8-9, 31-40.
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Gross, P. (1994).  East/Central European Journalism Education. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual meeting.
Gross, P. (2004).  From Few to Many: The Romani Media in Eastern Europe. Global Fusion Conference.
Gross, P. (1988).  Trials, Tribulations, and Contributions: A Brief History of the Romanian Press. East European Quarterly. 22, 1-22.
Gross, P. (2009).  The EU and Eastern European Media Integration. East European Studies Newsletter.
Gross, P. (2007).  The Cacophony of Democratization: How the Atomized Media Failed and Succeeded in the Post-Comunist Era. “1989 – A Crucial Year for the European History”.
Gross, P. (1993).  Media and Politics in the U.S.: Lessons for Eastern Europe. Cotidianul's International Colloquia on Mass Media and Society.
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Gross, P. (2006).  Pugilism as Journalism: Romania’s media and the Basescu presidency. The End of Post-communism in Romania? Assessing the Traian Basescu Presidency and Its Dilemmas session at the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies Conference.
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Gross, P. (2005).  The State of Eastern European Press Freedom. Journalism Studies. 534-37.
Gross, P. (1990).  Romania's Post-Ceausescu Media: Where is it Heading?. 15th Annual Convention of the American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Gross, P. (2010).  The Slow, Detoured March to Democracy in Eastern Europe (in Romanian). 1989-2009 The Incredible Adventure of Democracy after Communism. 149-159.
Gross, P. (1994).  Romania. (Fliess, M., Ed.).Looking to the Future: A Survey of Journalism Education in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. 56-59.
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Gross, P., & Self C. (2005).  European Correspondents Covering the U.S.A.: A Survey. Transatlantic News Coverage – Structures and Processes, Problems and Solutions Conference.
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Gross, P. (2004).  The East European Media: Public Sphere or Public Stage?. Changing European Public Spheres. New Cultural and Media Contexts in Western and Eastern Europe. Prospects and Challenges Conference.
Gross, P. (1989).  The U.S.A. as Portrayed by Romania's Scinteia. 14th Annual Conference of the American-Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Gross, P. (2009).  Media Models Beyond the Politics/Political Systems and Market/Economic Systems Constructions: The Cultural Underpinnings of Media Models. Beyond East and West: Two Decades of Media Transformation After the Fall of Communism Conference.
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