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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Johnson, T. J., Bichard S. L., Zhang W., & Kaye B. K. (2010).  Shut up and listen: The influence of selective exposure to blogs and political websites on political tolerance. Internet issues: Blogging, the digital divide and digital libraries.
Gross, P. (2010).  The Slow, Detoured March to Democracy in Eastern Europe (in Romanian). 1989-2009 The Incredible Adventure of Democracy after Communism. 149-159.
Johnson, T. J., Kaye B. K., & Meader A.. (2010).  Snooze, ruse, views, news? Online political information, credibility and media substitution.. Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research annual conference, Chicago, IL. .
McMillan, S. J. (2010).  Soap Box or Box of Soap: Consumer understanding of the news, advertising, and funding sources for user-generated content. Information and Society. 13(6), 820- 843.
Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2010).  Social bookmarking sites and crisis communication: A descriptive analysis of bookmarks on food safety shared online during 2009 H1N1.
Zhu, X., & Eschenfelder K. R. (2010).   Social construction of authorized users in the Digital Age. . College & Research Libraries. 71(6), 548-568.
Avery, E. J., Sweetser K. D., & Lariscy R. A. (2010).  Social Media and Shared - or - Divergent - Uses?: A Coorientation Analysis of Public Relations Practitioners and Journalists. International Journal of Strategic Communication. 4, 189-205.
Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2010).  Social media bookmarking services: Managing and sharing information from a centralized source. National Communication Association.
Kim, D.., Johnson T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2010).  Something ventured, something gained: Examining the moderating impact of blogs on political activity.. Web Journal of Mass Communication Research. 24,
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2010).  Still cruising and believing? An analysis of online credibility over three presidential campaigns.. American Behavioral Scientist. 54(1), 
King, D. W., Tenopir C., Choemprayong S., & Wu L. (2009).  Scholarly Journal Information Seeking and Reading Patterns of Faculty at Five U.S. Universities. Learned Publishing. 22 (2),
Wirth, M. O. (2009).  Scripps Networks: Strategies for Innovation and Reinvention. Broadcast Education Association.
Palenchar, M. J., & Fitzpatrick K. (2009).  Secret persuaders: Ethical and rhetorical perspectives on the public relations front groups. (Heath, R. L., Toth E. L., & Waymer D., Ed.).Rhetorical and critical approaches to public relations. 272-289.
Harmon, M., & Muenchen R. (2009).  Semantic Framing of the Iraq War: Fox v. CNN and other U.S. Broadcast News Programs. ETC: A Review of General Semantics. 12-26.
McMillan, S. J. (2009).  Soap Box or Box of Soap: Content and Advertising in Online Communication. AEJMC Annual Conference.
Kotowski, M. R. (2009).  Social Diffusion: A measurement model and construct validation. Southern States Communication Association.
Mehra, B., Rioux K., & Albright K. (2009).  Social Justice in Library and Information Science. (Bates, M. J., & Maack M. N., Ed.).Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science.
Roessner, A. (2009).  Sporting Life and the "Fairer Sex": Debating a Woman's Place in the National Pastime. American Journalism Historian's Association.
Hardin, M., & Whiteside E. (2009).  Sports reporters divided over concerns about Title IX. Newspaper Research Journal. 30(1), 
Friedman, B., Kitch C., Lueck T., Winfield B., & Roessner A. (2009).  Stirred, Not Yet Shaken: Integrating Women’s History into Media History. American Journalism. 26(1), 160-173.
Rumsey, G. C., & White C. (2009).  Strategic Corporate Philanthropic Relationships: Nonprofits' Perceptions of Benefits and Corporate Motives. Public Relations Review. 35,
Heath, R. L., & Palenchar M. J. (2009).  Strategic issues management: Organizations and public policy challenges.
Lee, Y J., Haley E., & Yang K. (2009).  Structural Equation Modeling of Consumer Perception of Values Advocacy Advertising: The Consequent Effects of Self-Construal on the Outcomes, Behavioral Intention, and Purchase Intention. National AEJMC Conference.
Luther, C. A. (2009).  Survey. (Sloan, D., & Zhou S., Ed.).Research Methods. 145-160.
Hank, C., Jordan M.W., & Wildemuth B.M. (2009).  Survey research. Applications of social research methods to questions in information and library science. 256-269.
Hume, J., & Roessner A. (2009).  Surviving Sherman’s March: Press, Public Memory, and Georgia’s Salvation Mythology. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly . 86(1), 119-137.
Ashdown, P. G. (2007).  Savage Satori: Fact and Fiction in Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain. (Sachsman, D. B., & Morris R., Ed.).Memory and Myth: The Civil War in Fiction and Film from Uncle Tom's Cabin to Cold Mountain. 207-220.
Kotowski, M. R., & Boster F. J. (2007).  Searching for super diffusers: Refining a method for locating influentials within a social network. National Communication Asssociation.
Binkley, L., Frey R., & Violanti M. T. (2007).  Sex communication between mothers and daughters. National Communication Association.
Luther, C. A., & Legg R. J. (2007).  Social versus Physical Aggression: An Examination of Gender-Related Differences Depicted in Children’s Television Cartoons. International Communication Association Conference.
Violanti, M. T., & Brooks A. M. (2007).  Spiritual vitamins: An examination of health, wellness and spirituality. annual meeting of the Southern States Communication Association.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (2007).  Still Cruising and Believing? An Analysis of Online Credibility over Three Presidential Campaigns.
Rumsey, G. C., & White C. (2007).  Strategic Corporate Philanthropic Relationships: Nonprofits’ Perceptions of Benefits and Corporate Motives. AEJMC - PR Division.
Palenchar, M. J., & Heath R. L. (2007).  Strategic risk communication: Adding value to society.. Public Relations Review. 33, 120-129..
Kupritz, V. W. (2007).  Symbiotic relationship between culture and work organizations. The International Environmental Design and Research Association Conference.