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CCI Research Presentations and Publications

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Potnis, D. (2010).  Mobile Technologies and Socio-economic Opportunities for Disadvantaged Women: A Study of Information Behavior in a Developing Nation Context. College of Computing and Information, State University of New York, University at Albany. Ph.D. Dissertation,
Mehra, B., Braquet D., White E., Weaver R., & Hodge D. (2007).  A Website Analysis of the University of Tennessee’s Peer Institutions to Assess their Support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People. Report submitted by the Research Committee, Commission for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) People .
Tenopir, C., Love A., Park J., Wu L., Baer A., & Mays R. (2010).  University Investment in the Library, Phase II: An International Study of the Library's Value to the Grants Process. Library Connect White Paper.
Taylor, M. (2011).  Understanding the media and advertising market in Liberia. IREX Civil Society and Media Leadership Program.
Mehra, B., & Watson J. (2006).  Transforming International and Intercultural Understandings: Self-Assessment and Reflexivity at the School of Information Sciences (Phase I). A Summary Report of Select Project Funded with a Quality Enhancement Plan Grant at the University of Tennessee.
Potnis, D. (2014).  A Toolkit for Libraries to Assist Small Businesses (ATLAS).
Palenchar, M. J., Freberg K., & Hocke T. M. (2011).  Social Media and FoodShield: Review & Recommendations. FoodSHIELD.
Stovall, J. G. (1988).  Readership of the Huntsville Times.
Potnis, D., Cortez E. M., & Allard S. (2016).  Project MISSILE (Mobile Information Skills and Solutions in Library Education): Educating LIS Students to Serve as Mobile Technology Consultants for Libraries.
Potnis, D., & Deosthali K. (2015).  A Practitioner’s Guide for Libraries to Invest in Mobile Applications and Mobile Sites.
Palenchar, M. J. (2010).  Mobile Technologies Implemented in Risk Communication Practices and Disasters: Counter Improvised Explosive Devices. S4 Inc. for a project with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Potnis, D., & Allard S. (2017).  Mobile Information Skills and Solutions in Library Education (MISSILE) Interim Report for Planning Grant.
Potnis, D., & Allard S. (2018).  Mobile Information Skills and Solutions in Library Education (MISSILE). Final Report for Planning Grant.
Taylor, M., & Dolan T. (2013).  Mitigating media incitement to violence in Iraq: A locally driven approach. United States Institute for Peace.
Stovall, J. G. (1987).  The Image of the University of Alabama, 1987: Report of a Statewide Telephone Survey Conducted for the Office of University Relations. 39.
Mehra, B. (2011).  Five Tips for Workplace Diversity: Make Your Organization More Dynamic With These Suggestions. Circle Park News: College News (February, 2011).
Potnis, D. (2018).   Financial Information Literacy Toolkit to Educate boRrowers” (FILTER): A Channel for Public Libraries to Partner with Governments for Financial Inclusion in the Developing World. Final Report for Research Grant.
Wang, P. (2006).  Final report on ALISE/OCLC 2005 research grant: A dual approach to Web query mining: Towards conceptual representations of information needs..
Palenchar, M. J., Covello V., Becker S., Renn O., & Sellke P. (2010).  Effective Risk Communications for the Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Threat: Communication Guidance for Local Leaders Responding to the Threat Posed by IEDs and Terrorism. U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Mehra, B. (2006).  Diversity and Democracy: Intercultural Proficiencies in Practice. Prepared materials for the UT School of Information Sciences Toolkit Symposium. Developing an Intercultural Toolkit for the Information Age.
Potnis, D., & Deosthali K. (2012).  DeMoAidS: Demonstrate “Aid is working” for Motivating the youth in developed world to Aid global philanthropy and Scale their effort rapidly.
Palenchar, M. J. (2012).  Where the rubber meets the road: Teaching industry specfic communication content.
Kent, M. L. (2011).  "What role should analytics play in the development of an organizational voice?".
Taylor, M., Kent M. L., & Sommerfeldt E. J. (2011).  What Do We Really KNow about Building Relationships through the Web and Social Media?.
Taylor, M. (2011).  Using Social Science Research Methods to Monitor Media Impact.
Kent, M. L. (2013).  "Taking a Critical Look at Technology in Public Relations: We have an App for That" .
Darling, R., Bayer R., & McMillan S. J. (2014).  Solving retention challenges with a team approach: A case study.
Palenchar, M. J., & Veil S. (2011).  Social media opportunities and constraints project .
Taylor, M. (2011).  Social Media and New Technologies in Public Relations.
Freberg, K., Palenchar M. J., & Veil S. (2010).  Social bookmarking sites and crisis communication: A descriptive analysis of bookmarks on food safety shared online during 2009 H1N1.
Kent, M. L. (2012).  "The roots of dialogic public relations and how to grow them to arboreal heights".
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Risk equity: Why race and class are life and death matters in risk communication.
Palenchar, M. J. (2012).  Risk communication campaigns related to energy production and food safety: The value of right to know policies for addressing behavioral change.
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Risk communication and environmental sustainability.
Palenchar, M. J. (2011).  Risk and urban communication.
Palenchar, M. J. (2010).  Risk and crisis communication: Implications of first year social media opportunities and constraints project.
Palenchar, M. J. (2014).  Risk and crisis communicaiton, social media and its effect on marginalized populations.
Kent, M. L. (2011).  Research Grab Bag: "Web Metrics--- With a Focus on Google Analytics".
Kent, M. L. (2012).  "Refying 'power' in social network analysis and public relations".
Kent, M. L. (2011).  Putting the Social Back in Social Media: A Meta- Analysis and Critique of Social Media Research.
Kent, M. L., & Taylor M. (2010).  Public Relations, Issues Management, and CSR: Marriage or Divorce?.
Taylor, M. (2010).  Public Relations and Issues Management in Corporate Social Responsibility.
Mallary, K. (2018).  Providing Equal Access to Information in Academic & Research Libraries.
Nichols, M., & Palenchar M. J. (2012).  Protecting the campus brand: Best practices for external communications during a crisis.
Potnis, D. (2019).  Panel on “Use Cases and Solutions for Issues in Forced Migration,” Workshop on Charting the Future of Forced Migration Research in Information Science.
Taylor, M., & Kent M. L. (2014).  Non- Governmental Organizations in a Globalizing World: Communication Netowrks, Culture, Opportunities and Challenges.