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A Comparison of Iranian Consumer Health Websites with Similar Websites in Selected Countries Based On E-Health Code of Ethics Standards

Publication Type:

Conference Paper


International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research (ICMR) (2014)



The aim of this study is to compare Iranian consumer health websites with similar websites in America, Canada and Australia, based on e-Health Code of Ethics criteria, to determine the extent of strengths and weaknesses of Iranian consumer health websites. We used Google as a popular search engine to find Iranian consumer health websites and similar websites in selected countries. Some Persian subject directories and website of the Ministry of Health and Medical education of Iran were also searched. Ninety websites were evaluated and compared using e-Health Code of Ethics criteria. No websites in Iran met all the criteria, but majority of websites in selected countries met most of the criteria and in some cases met all. Four criteria were found to be rare among Iranian websites, including privacy, informed consent, professionalism in online health care, and responsible partnering. Findings of current study can be used to improve the quality of consumer health websites of Iran and other developing countries based on current standards to best serve users.