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Community Education and Evidence-based Knowledge Use

Publication Type:

Journal Article


The Journal of Medical Education and Development, Volume 10, Issue 2 (2015)



Introduction: Utilizing as well as transferring knowledge can be provided via motivating teachers, educating researchers, better utilizing of evidence and creating communication between members of the scientific communities based on the needs of the community and community education. Therefore, the present study mainly aimed at evaluating the process of knowledge production and use of evidence in the research centres of Tehran
and Iran University of Medical Sciences. Moreover, this study intended to investigate its application in improving the health system and community education of students.
Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, the study population finally consisted of 68 research centres
affiliated to Tehran and Iran University of Medical Sciences. In order to glean the study data, a questionnaire was utilized by Nejat et al. in two fields of “knowledge production” and “promote using of evidence”, and the study
data were analyzed using SPSS (version 18).
Results: The production and use of knowledge status in Tehran and Iran medical universities in regard with “knowledge and evidence production” used in decision-making was reported in a favourable condition. Moreover,
an unfavourable condition was revealed regarding “promoting use of evidence” which needs proper intervention.
Conclusion: The study finding revealed that at the beginning of the formulation of each research, identifying the specific audience of the study results causes the produced evidence and knowledge to be applicable. This leads to
conducting research in accordance with the needs of community. As a result, status of medical universities in Iran
necessitates to be reviewed. Ameliorating production status and promoting evidence-based knowledge can lead to a significant qualitative development in community education. Keywords