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Workshops for Spring 2017

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English Table:

The Public Speaking Center is offering an "English Table" in the PSC every Wednesday from 5:45-6:30pm led by Dr. Jill Bergeron.

Each session is primarily aimed at helping ESL (English as a Second Language) students to feel more comfortable with speaking English in order to succeed in their public speaking courses. There will be one "lesson" focus each week. Anyone is welcome to attend with the understanding our focus is helping the students will language barriers. Rule: Speak only English this semester!

The tenative English Table schedule is below:

Jan. 25: Intro to English Table: Discuss your biggest challenges with English language and how we can help.

Feb. 1: Practicing Paralanguage: Working on pronunciation, articulation, rate, etc.

Feb. 8: Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Communication