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CMST Faculty & Staff

School of Communication Studies
Name Position E-mail Office
Sandy Cabbage Program Resource Specialist 279 Communications Bldg.
John Haas Director;
Associate Professor 293 Communications Bldg.
Michael Kotowski Associate Professor 293 Communications Bldg.
Virginia Kupritz Associate Director;
Inaugural William H. Swain Professor 275 Communications Bldg.
Laura Miller Associate Professor 293 Communications Bldg.
Rochelle Nelson Academic Advisor;
Lecturer 202 Communications Bldg
Emily A. Paskewitz Assistant Professor 278 Communications Building
Joan Rentsch CCI Associate Dean for Academic Programs;
CCI Director of Communication and Information Graduate Studies;
Professor 302 Communications Building
Michelle Violanti Associate Professor 287 Communication Bldg.
Alice Wirth Director of CCI Diversity Student Leaders Society;
Courtney N. Wright Associate Professor;
Faculty Fellow, Tennessee Teaching & Learning Center 274 Communications Bldg.